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The daily maintenance measures of the plastic parts of motorcycle

Motorcycle covering parts used in the vast majority of ABS plastic, (especially Scooter) beautiful appearance, emitting a strong modern flavor. But some motorcycle used for a long period of time, those directly affected by the glare of the outer surface of, the film will often have cracking phenomenon, such as scooter’s head, tail box top and on both sides of the.

Effect of ABS plastic film cracking of main factors is casting molding process parameters selection is improper, before paint is not rigorous treatment and the use of inappropriate. But in the course of use, it should take preventive measures to maintain.

In most of China, the winter temperature is below 0, the temperature in the northern part of China is -20, and the lowest temperature in some areas is -35. Motorcycle used in low temperature conditions, in addition to easily cause difficulty in starting the engine, fuel consumption increased, mechanical wear intensifies, if improper maintenance, for motorcycle panel will cause great damage. Motorcycle parked in the open air in the following 0 degrees, ABS plastic parts in the entire depth of the crack, the following is completely brittle failure -40. Therefore, the motorcycle should be stored in the interior, it is not necessary to put out the outdoor, should be covered with prefabricated panels to prevent moisture intrusion, the best can be set on the motorcycle cover, to heat insulation. Also note that, when it is clear to remove the motorcycle cover, in order to get rid of moisture.

Strong sunlight in summer in most parts of China, on the highway at temperatures up to 40-50 Deg. C, ABS plastic products under the sun, strong ultraviolet rays and heat, easy to aging and hard brittle, resulting in severe cracking phenomenon. And should therefore be avoided at the bus as far as possible, the motorcycle when not in use should be as far as possible stored in indoor or under the shade of a tree, must not be motorcycle long-term parking in the strong sunlight exposure, which will make the film too dry and cracking, and due to the role of ultraviolet radiation and the film discolored and aging. In addition to note that the car can not be placed in the furnace, resistance furnace and fire, etc..

Remember to touch, draw, paint the surface. Because the touch pressure, the film will have tension deformation, easily lead to cracking.

Avoid long time rain. Long time the rain will make the varnish expansion, aging and loss, as "erhualian". The running time after ginseng clean vehicle park; shade should be placed in the rain.

To prevent oil pollution. Paint itself is an oil soluble compound, although the ABS coating film has a certain resistance to oil, but over time will also make the film dissolved. So when the oil or spill oil, should be promptly wiped out, not long to ignore. Fuel tank cap seal must be strict and eliminate long-term gasoline caused by overflow tank surface local film aging discoloration and the lower part of the mailbox ABS plastic decorative pieces of film cracking. When cleaning the vehicle to pay attention to the use of gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and a variety of corrosive detergent wash ABS plastic products, paint surface.

To keep the ABS cover pieces of the surface cleaning, remember cloth wipe sludge, because the soil in the film falls the dry cloth to wipe the "abrasive", and the outer surface of the film lost their luster, or cracking. The best way is to wash with water, and dried in time, the application of soft cloth or cotton yarn knitted fabric.

Every week, the car uses light wax. Light wax role not only makes the film bright, more important is to prevent the film aging crack, maintain the luster and flexibility. Don’t use any non car wax. Due to the different composition of the film, the chemical composition of the light wax is different, and the use of improper will appear the opposite results.

In addition, the motorcycle brand in the production process, to ensure the ABS plastic decorative parts of internal quality, through the a series of strict testing and inspection, and generally does not appear large area film cracking phenomenon. Therefore, in the purchase of a motorcycle, we must select the brand model.

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