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China motorcycle industry is committed to sustainable development

In the signing ceremony of the China motorcycle industry, green environmental protection declaration, the Chinese motorcycle industry to the community to make five commitments.

First, the environmental protection as a prerequisite for the survival and development of enterprises. Firmly establish the concept of environmental protection priority, strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations, the full implementation of the environmental protection measures to ensure the full coordination and sustainable development of enterprise operations and ecological environment, to achieve mutual integration of economic benefits and environmental benefits.

Two is to increase investment in environmental protection technology research and development. Improve the ability of independent innovation, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to high-tech fields, and strive to develop environmentally friendly motorcycle products and to achieve industrialization as soon as possible.

Three is to vigorously promote the whole industry chain to upgrade the level of environmental protection. Optimize the industrial technology route, comprehensive promotion of "green procurement" plan, and strive to improve environmental protection and industrial process level, with environmental protection, safety and health as the industry development oriented, through the integration of resources to promote the whole industry chain of environmental protection.

Four is the production and sale of products in line with the national environmental protection standards. From July 1, 2010 onwards, enterprises will be strictly in accordance with the third phase of the state (country III) emission standards for the organization and production of motorcycles, industry associations and government departments will work together to ensure the smooth implementation of the national standards.

Five is closely linked to the product of the partners, and actively carry out the vulnerability, easy to consume parts of the environmental protection and re manufacturing promotion.

In this declaration the 128 motorcycle enterprises output accounted for 80% of the whole industry, they hope that through the national environmental protection standards and the whole industry’s efforts to further improve the technology of the motorcycle industry, the industry structure has been further adjusted to achieve a strategic shift from the power of the motorcycle manufacturing power to power.

At the same time, the event also show some motorcycle production enterprises fully meet the national III standard 9 cars model hybrid motorcycle, lithium electric motorcycle and assembly of EFI engine of motorcycle environment protection.

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